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Thanks for visiting Real Food with Gratitude!

A resource for inspiration on living a healthy balanced lifestyle. My goal is to inspire my readers and show that living a healthy lifestyle is not only easy but can be fun.

I focus on eating whole REAL foods, with SIMPLE minimal ingredients, finding a type of movement that you like and learn how to prepare your mind and your food every week while living your best life, whatever that may be for YOU. I feel as if i’m striving to balance pizza and planks with booze and beet juice on week and weekend basis.

I work with brands that align with my personality, brand and values and would love to hear from you!


Sponsored Instagram Posts— Interested in having your product on my feed? I am able to live a balanced healthy lifestyle with the help of certain products. I want to highlight the products that I think can help others in the most organic way possible. If your product is something I would use, fits my brand and lifestyle, I would promote it on my Instagram feed with a static post (can include or not include product packaging). Example here.

Sponsored Instagram Stories— Same at the instagram feed except it would be a featured on my instagram stories (typically in 3 frames). It is a more natural and “real life” way of showing how I use the product and how it fits in my day.

Brand Product Giveaway — I would love my audience to have a chance to win your product! I am grateful to be able to receive product from wonderful companies and want to be able to use my platform and thank my followers by providing them Giveaways! This would be a photo on my instagram feed. Example here.

Sponsored Blog Posts— Again, similar to my sponsored posts but this would live on my website. This is a longer form post similar to my Instagram feed but allows my readers see more photo, have clickable links and get more knowledge. Example here.

Create Brand Content— As a food photographer, I truly love taking pictures of food in various angles and it fuels that creative side of me. This is something I can do for your brand and give you the rights to the photos for your companies own personal use.

Recipe Development— Are you a company with a product that can be used in recipes? I would love to create different recipes that are simple, healthy, delicious and highlights your product. Recipe can either live on my website or in the caption on my feed. IG example here & Website example here.

Speaking or Attending at Events and Seminars — Are you looking for a female entrepreneur? Looking for someone to speak on health & wellness? Send me an email with more details!

Brand Ambassador/Affiliate – Does your company have an affiliate or brand ambassador program that you like me to be a part of? Send me an email!

Nutritionist/Health Coach — I have my health coaching degree certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Discussions range from anything related to nutrition, your relationship with food to just wanting someone to talk to regarding living a healthy lifestyle. You can schedule a FREE 20 minute consultation (or book full sessions) with me HERE.

Fitness Instructor — Available to teach a Barre or HIIT style group exercise class. Can be anyone from beginners to advanced.