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6 Tips to Staying Healthy While Traveling

6 Tips to Staying Healthy While Traveling

Thank you to Pure Encapsulations for partnering with me on this post. While I use and recommend Pure products, the opinions expressed here are my own.

Just as November hits, we slowly start to slowly fall off our routine and things can get a little dicey but that’s life (especially when it comes to holiday parties, travel, etc). Once December rolls around and we are typically buried in celebrations, shopping until we drop, the continuous flow of alcohol and sweets and even that unwanted family time stress. Make sure you are maximizing every minute of your precious time off, quality time with friends and family and possibly some travel but make sure you stay feeling healthy while doing so. Let’s be real, it’s hard to enjoy these times if you're not feeling well! So, I have partnered with one of my go-to companies – Pure Encapsulations - to bring you my Tips for Travel during the Holidays (or of course, anytime you travel). 

1. Supplements

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Stomach issues, bathroom woes (like staying regular), sleep schedules, travel stress (delays, traffic, etc) are just a few things under the sun that happen when we travel so I highly recommend a few supplements to add into your daily routine: 

-Digestive Enzymes

When we travel we are exposed to so many different foods, ingredients, oils, etc that our stomachs are not typically used to. Digestive enzymes help break down your food and help make it more absorbable. Overall, helping you digest better while on the road. I use the Digestive Enzyme Ultra which is a blend that supports the digestion of proteins, carbs, fat, fiber and dairy.* 

-Probiotic (one that doesn’t have to be refrigerated)

Probiotics contain good bacteria that help balance out any bad bacteria that can build up in your gut. As we travel, our immune system can be exposed to a lot and probiotics can help support your immune system and keep it functioning optimally. I tend to take the Probiotic G.I. which is just a shelf staple blend of probiotics that help support your immune function within the GI tract or the ProbioMood single serving on the go packs, which is a probiotic blend that focuses on emotional well being and lessening the occasional stress.*


Magnesium is a mineral in our body that helps with many different areas including bone structure, muscle function, neutralizing stomach acid and helping stool travel through your intestine. With that being said, adding a magnesium supplement is a good idea to help keep you regular.* I love using the Magnesium Easy Sticks (a powder that you can take directly, no water needed and it actually tastes good)

-Cortisol Calm*

As we travel, a lot of unnecessary stress can build up from delays, traffic, family drama, etc. When we get stressed, our cortisol levels can increase. When those levels are high it can cause fatigue, sleep disruption,, and even just feeling overly emotional. 

2. Stay Grounded with Staples from Home


Determine what parts of your routine you “can’t” or “don't” want to live without that makes you feel good. Once you have a few, decide if they are “portable” or “doable” when you are away from your home. Mine personally is bulletproof coffee so I make sure to grab a few to-go ghee and oil packets and a foamer and while I am traveling. I will find some black coffee, add it in and mix it together. This helps keeps me feeling grounded. Find something that allows you to "keep your morning routine" if that is something you thrive on, like me. Aka quiet time with coffee allows me to decompress before the day begins. 

3. BYOBottle

Staying hydrated is KEY. Make sure you pack your own water bottle, keep it filled and bring it wherever you go. You will notice a difference in your energy, skin and even your bowel movements

4. Hand Sanitizer

Always carry a on the go hand sanitizer, especially while actually traveling (airports, trains, etc are full of more germs than I want to even think about). As I mentioned before, our immune systems are really challenged when traveling so making sure you are taking all precautions to keep unwanted germs away from you as best as possible

5. Movement/Walking (when possible)

In your daily life/routine, you probably work out or at least get a good amount movement in. When we travel, especially during the holidays there can be a lot of “hanging” out time so make sure you make movement a priority. 

6. Lose the “All or Nothing” Mentality- embrace balance but also try to stay grounded 

No need to focus on “extremes” when you’re on vacation or trying to enjoy the holidays. Make sure you are enjoying yourself and not restricting yourself but keep in mind, you want to continue you feel good so listen to your body and know when to let up, etc. If you find yourself in a downwards spiral of extreme unhealthy eating, etc try not to think that you’ve failed and you’ll get back on track when you get home. No need to wait and feel blah when you're supposed to be having fun. This is a fine line but as you navigate through your trip, you should slowly start to understand your body more and know what it needs. 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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