We stayed at the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club. It overlooks the water/marina area and it’s gorgeous. It has 2 pools and one of them is an infinity pool that is the best place to sit IMO! There is no beach around it, which I thought I wasn’t going to like but if we went back, we would absolutely stay there again. They even have a free shuttle every day, every 45 minutes that takes you to their private “beach club” aka drink and food waiters in the water + free sunscreen, water, lockers, etc.

The hotel is close to the “downtown area” of Bermuda which is the town of Hamilton. We walked to get coffee every morning, there is a nice spa and workout classes in the hotel and there are shops and restaurants and a lil grocery all near! Also, a lot of the “go-to” restaurants are located AT this hotel, so it made things super easy. Side note, one of my fave meals was the Jerk Chicken Cobb Salad at the beach club!



Sunset from our dinner at 1609


Amazing homemade bread from Devils Isle


Poke Bowl and Local Fish dish at Village Pantry

  • 1609: in the Hamilton Princess Hotel, available to anyone. Def go for sunset! Your table overlooks right where the sun sets over the water.

  • Devils Isle: V fresh and trendy. A awesome full restaurant (+ they have a quick to go breakfast/coffee spot to go attached to their restaurant). I had short ribs here for dinner one night and it was incredible! One of the best meals on the trip. Highly recommend. OH and their coffee is some of the best i’ve EVER had. I bought some beans to bring home, which have been so fun to make in the french press! Plus their homemade bread, unREalllll.

  • Village Pantry: Farm to Table and more on the trendy side. Owned by the same people that opened Devils Isle. Poke bowl was out of this world. Everything is beyond fresh. I got fresh fish with a cucumber tomato salad. Filling but also light. The outside is SUPER cute. You can get drinks and coffee at this spot too!!

  • Marcus: in the Hamilton Princess Hotel, available to anyone. I highly recommend doing their Sunday brunch. Its a little pricey but its worth it. See pictures below! SO GOOD and I cant believe how many different options they had. I think it was one of our favorite moments/experiences the whole trip! It sure made us feel fannnncaayyy.

Others that we didn’t get to go to but would have liked to try:

Rustico, Blu, Huckleberry: In Hamilton, overlooks a garden and is “quiet”, Mad Hatters, Harrys: In Hamilton, can be a little pricey and its “upscale” if thats what you’re looking for, Mickeys @ Elbow Beach (went for drinks during the day and it was awesome, its on the beach!), Rosas (little Mexican place in Hamilton), Buzz: they can be found throughout the island, small little pop in for a grab a go smoothie or coffee, Rock Island Coffee, Flannigans: Go there for a drink or apps or just to hang at night.

Things to do:

take a Sunset Cruise, go to the Crystal Caves, day trip to walk around St. Georges, take a class at Bermuda Fitness or Exhale (the spa/gym inside Hamilton Princess. I highly recommend the barre class, it overlooks the pool and water and was a great workout!), take a stroll down the main strip in Hamilton (esp in the morning to get coffee at Devils Isle grab and go), take a walk down Elbow Beach and then stop and get a drink at Mickeys, watch the sunset every night, Marine Nights on Fridays from 5:30-8:30 at the Hamilton Princess open to anyone. It overlooks the marina and they have a bar and food + band it was supppperrrr fun!