Los Angeles, California (LA)


this is a bakery is a few streets from Venice Beach and is just an over "cool concept" place to hang out. but you can get anything from pastries to salads to sammies to pizza -- all made fresh that morning and you can see them behind the glass counter - you order and they bring it to you. I guess you can think of it as a deli/bakery. 

Also, the best almond milk latte I have ever had. Look how dark and pretty that thing is. One of the best pizza I have ever had, hands down. 

   320 Sunset Ave in Venince, Ca

They also have a sister location called: Gjelina (located in the Abbott Kinney area). Open from 8am-midnight everyday


Gjusta Bakery

margharita pizza & Almond Milk Latte

Grand Central Market

a 100 year old food hall that brings together the cultures of California located in Downtown LA. Its open all day from 7a-10p every day. There are so many options -- everything from local raw meat from Bel Campo Meat, authentic Japanese cuisine, fresh cheeses, the famous Egg Slut (for fab egg sammies), BBQ, ice cream, PB&J LA, ramen, juices and lots of very authentic Mexican options. 


Grand Central Market

     downtown LA food fall

Erewhon Natural Food Market

A foodies dream -- imagine Whole Foods x 10. They only "sell the purest, ethically and sustainably produced foods, wellness, beauty and household products" aka they have very high standards to the brands, types of products and food they sell. Their salad or hot bar is WHERE its at! Everything is made like you would make at home (no scary ingredients, no extra fluff and just GOOD, healthy food). You can also get take away prepared foods from wraps, salads, sushi, raw vegan deserts, etc.

You can find any "healthy foodie" lovers favorite brands or products from eating evolved to simple mills to homemade breads, etc. Beware; its not cheap and you'll wanna but ALL THE THINGS. PS: the homemade english muffins were amazing)


Erewhon Market

hot bar: mac&cheese, buffalo cauli bites & panko Chicken Tenders

Urth Caffe

Locations all over! They have a full food menu and coffee. They focus on farm to table and health-conscious coffee. "Urth standards for coffee include 100% certified organically grown, heirloom, sustainable agriculture, shade grown, direct trade, and award winning quality." 

I went to the one in Laguna Beach right on Pacific Coast Highway and then walked to the water and it was a wonderful, peaceful experience. 


urth Caffe

views from laguna beach

Cafe Gratitude

You can find these amazing cafe in many spots around LA and surrounding- downtown LA, the arts district, Newport Beach, Beverly Hills, Venice and even San Diego. A completely Plant Based restaurant that even the non vegan will LOVE. They say that they help with "clean eating made easy and to cleanse does not meant to diet". Here you will find nut based milks and cheeses, lots of cauliflower, coconut and dressing made with tahini. A clean eating heaven. 

490A6335-179D-4A4F-8D92-004DAFDB0CB9 2.JPG

Cafe Gratitude


The Butchers Daughter

Another plant based, veggie lovers restaurant (that is also a juice bar). 100% vegitarian, MOSTLY vegan and gluten free. Extremely focused on seasonal and local produce and they highlight new produce each month. Located in Venice on Abbot Kinney. 

BY Chloe

Another plant-based place but also, if you have been on Yelp, you have seen all the 100's of rave reviews of this place. This is def another place that non vegans will still love. 

The one in Silver Lake is inside a Whole Foods 365. 

Color Camp

A female-owned nail salon that is a millennials dream. They actually have "non toxic" manis and you can choose from so many designs or just a basic color. 

Located near Beverly Hills 

Bulletproof Cafe

Bulletproof is all the rage, right? But, is it worth it? YES, yes it is. It is a coffee shop dedicated to strictly serving coffee and selling bulletproof products. I got the Vanilla Latte and it was straight heaven. I make my own bulletproof coffee every morning with actual bulletproof products and actually getting one made by them was SO much better. If you are curious about what BP coffee is, tastes like or you LOVE it, stop by and grab yourself one

There is one in the Arts District right next to a Cafe Gratitude or near Santa Monica 


Bulletproof Cafe

   bulletproof coffees

Sidecar Doughnuts

These are donuts are ones you will not find anywhere else -- not your average "glazed donut" shop. Their motto is "from the earth"-- sourcing all local ingredients and continuing to find new flavors. A few of there famous options are, Huckleberry, Maple Bacon, Cinnamon Crumb Cake, Chocolate (homemade chocolate glaze and cacao nibs), Butter&Salt and they even have "monthly" flavors depending on whats in season. 

Located in Costa Mesa OR Santa Monica


Sidecar doughnuts

 cinnamon crumb cake donut

MILK (The Milk Shop)

An ice cream parlor/bakeshop. Known for their ice cream sandwich macaroons (especially the Lucky Charms or Fruit Pebbles). There are 2 locations - I went to the one in Silver Lake



lucky charms macaroon

Little Damage

LA's finest soft serve ice cream. Located in Downtown LA. They have seasonal flavors that constantly rotate but also are known for their "Goth Ice Cream" -- almond charcoal flavored served in a black cone. Another place for that instagram lover to go. 


Lots of locations of the trendy and up to date on the health trend juice bar. You can get cold pressed juices, smoothies, super smoothies (you can add anything from collagen to CBD oil). I had one of my fave smoothies in LA here. 



amazing juice and smoothies

Intelligentsia Coffee

a coffee shop that focuses on Direct Trade and in season coffee. There are many locations around the areas. 

Blue Bottle Coffee

a famous coffee place known for all their blue bottles. There are many locations, even outside of CA


Blue Bottle Coffee

Alfred Coffee

Super whimsical coffee shop that coined the phrase But first, coffee and has it in neon signs in every location; aka an instagramers heaven. They have great tea too! Lots of locations. 


Alfred Coffee & Tea

But first, coffee

The Last Bookstore

Californias largest new and used book and record store. I didnt make a special trip to this place so i dont know if i would but because I was near it, it was awesome to check out and walk around. A cool LA spot. 

Honey Hi

a small cafe for brunch or a snack located in Echo Park right near the Lake in Silver Lake. Lots of seasonal veggies, grass fed meats, amazing toasts, etc. They sell lots of local kombucha and coconut cult in their cooler. 


Honey hi

Sweet potato and avocado toast

Botanica Market

Cool spot for brunch or dinner (or a bougey day drinking bar). They have lots of veggies, cocktails, natural wines and good food. They have amazing egg dishes, they use ghee instead of butter (*say no more!) And, awesome sides like garlicy toast and banana breads

E380E065-824C-4EDF-81EA-60A6F138F059 2.JPG


the best tacos are from random taco trucks on the side of the street. this one is from santa monica and was the best thing i ate the entire time.