Portland, Maine




They are known for their "brown butter lobster roll" ... probably the best thing I had on the entire trip. Worth the wait. Go early or later and put your name down, walk around, get a drink at the bar, etc. We also had the crab roll (comes cold, the lobster roll comes hot), clam chowder (so good!) and their homemade Whoopie Pie (pretty good)


Sreet + Co

Second best thing we ate the entire time-- we got the Shrimp Linguine dish. I am not someone to get pasta at a restaurant because usually it doesn't have a ton of flavor but someone recommended this to me ahead of time. It was the BEST pasta i've ever had. They have multiple kinds of seafood linguine (next time would we probably get the lobster). We also got a roasted baby pepper filled with rice and seafood. & a fresh panzanella salad -- cut up tomatoes, cucumber, chunks of goat cheese, spinach, dill and homemade bread croutons that soaked up the dressing. They have a different-ish menu everyday that determines what came in that day and what is fresh/local... my FAVE type of place. 


OTTO Pizza

I'm somewhat of a pizza lover.... Ok, a huge pizza lover. This pizza was out of this world. DJ was also in love with it. He got the Pepperoni and Red Onion Pizza and I got the Ricotta and Basil Margherita  ... I cant say enough about this place. There are a few locations and one also in Boston. So good. (They also have a mashed potato, bacon and scallion pizza that they are known for.. kind of wish we had tried it!)

But can we talk about that crust!!!!

Caprese Panini (Add Bacon!)

Caprese Panini (Add Bacon!)

Duck Fat

They are known for their duck fat Fries. We got the Poutine (add duck)... the actual duck on top was tender af and was simply amazing; even though this dish was good- I wish we had just gotten regular fries with their famous dipping sauces (sauces are a way of LIFE). 

We also got the Caprese Panini (add bacon). I am very particular about my sandwich bread and this HIT the SPOT! It had a basil aioli and was perfectly pressed. I would absolutely order it again. 


Fore Street: Same owners as Street + Co

High Roller Lobster Co.  Used to be a food truck/cart but in 2015 turned into a brick and mortar. 

The Honey Paw: Asian inspired seafood. Lunch, App or Dinner. [directly next (same owners) to Eventide]

Pai Men Miyake: Japanese food using lots of seafood and vegetables

Pai Men Miyake: The sister restaurant to Miyaka -- this one is known for their Ramen (and beer). More casual. Dinner.

Bao Bao Dumpling House: more of a local spot; small and cheap but casual and good. Dumplings galore... 

Hot Suppa: BRUNCH spot! There was alway a wait when we walked by. They are known for their use of local ingredients

Local 188: BRUNCH! Opens at 9 and I would recommend getting there right when it opens if you don't want to wait. 

Bite into Maine: Food Truck that goes all throughout the city. It was conveniently at the brewery we went to on Saturday and it was amazing. They have their own take on a lobster roll and I highly recommend! 

Dutch: Breakfast and lunch! Lots of yummy sandwich options! 

Grace: The building used to be a church now turned restaurant. It has a smaller menu with lots of good meat options. 

Marcys Diner: Casual cheap breakfast- omelets, quiche, etc


Shipyard Brewery: Great beer, walkable from downtown water area -- down in the basement so would recommend to go if its raining

Rising Tide, Oxbow Blending and Bottling and Urban Farm Fermentory: All in the East Bayside area, right off the interstate. There are about 5-6 breweries around there that are all walking distance from each other. Also Rising Tide is next to a Whole Foods! 

Allagash Brewing, Foundation Brewing, Definitive Brewing -- All cool indoor/outdoor spots. A little off the beaten path; about a 15-20 minute uber but can walk to all 3. 

Porthole Restaurant: Right on the water with big deck for eating/drinking. Bar food- not great but location and beer selection is good!

Portland Lobster Co: Best spot on the water to get drinks, IMO. They have pretty good food too! Live music every night. Highly recommend going there to start off your night!

Central Provisions: Right next to Street + Co. Its a basement style bar that has small plates. Awesome cocktails. We had 1 drink there while waiting for our table next door. I heard their small plates are pretty good


The Holy Donut: Very well known in Maine - makes their donuts out of local Maine potatoes and even has a few sweet potato options. They are a tad on the sweet side, IMO. If i went back, I would get the Old Fashion. But DJ got the toasted coconut and said it was the best donut he has ever had. They also had fresh Maine Blueberry coffee....it was really good! People tend to love the Maple Bacon. Pro tip: there are 2 locations... the one in Old Port seems to have about an hour wait but their is one about 8 blocks into the city that is not crowded if you want to make the trek or take an uber. It's right next to the Portland Baseball and Basketball stadium.

Scratch Baking Co: A cute little bakery close to the water -- coffee, pastries, fresh bread loaves or slices. I had a fresh brioche bun with butter as a snack one day and it was realllly good! Known for their Sticky Buns.

Bard Coffee: Cute shop in Old Port. This was the best tasting coffee (they take their coffee seriously in there!) I heard they have really good pastries/donuts too. 

Beals Ice Cream: Located right in Old Port. I am a sucker for vanilla and typically base how good a ice cream shop is based on their ability to make a BOMB vanilla. This one HIT THE SPOT and DJ loved it too!!


Casco Bay Lines -- 

Mailboat Tour: 3-4 hour cruise. Bring own food/drink. Leaves in the morning and comes back after lunch. They take passengers along as the ferry drops (actual) mail off to all the private islands surrounding Portland. (Most popular tour)

Ferry to Peaks Island: About a 20 minute ferry across the water to a little town. Has 3 small restaurants. Can rent a golf cart ($25/hour) or rent bikes and tour the 3 mile island loop that goes along the coast (DJ's fave part of the trip). We hopped on the 10am ferry and had a cheap and quick breakfast (3 dollar bagel that was SO good) and just golf carted around the coast and hopped back on the ferry at 12 -- they have a ferry that leaves every hour!

Discover Portland: Sunset Cruise -- 2 hours and from 630-830pm. Open cash bar but can bring your own food. Takes you around to the different lighthouses and is the PERFECT timing for when the sun is setting. Highly Recommend..favorite things we did. 

Eastern Promenade: About a 30 minute walk from the middle of downtown/Old Port area. If its a hotter day, I would wear a bathing suit because you can rent paddle board and kayaks and stay around that beach or paddle over to this little island beach very close. Its gorgoues and has a walking path right along the water. A must do for a little exercise & good views.