Zorba's Greek Italian Cuisine / by Katie Brown


Zorba's Restaurant 

This is another gem that has been around RVA for the last 20 years -- located in the West End.

They bring you 2 large fluffy rolls with olive oil and butter (of course I did indulge in a few bites - I couldn't resist!)

I think grilled chicken salads are such a great route when eating out (healthy) at Italian or Greek places

This is the Gilled Chicken Salad with seasoned grilled chicken, tomatoes, cucumbers and mushrooms over a bed of spinach and romaine (and shredded Mozzarella, if you'd like)

 My boyfriend got the warm Lamb Gyro in a pita with tzatziki, onions and tomatoes (sides: with pasta salad and fries, of course)

I would highly recommend these meals! 

(they are known for their pizza and pasta dishes, if you're feelin' crazy)