Kuba Kuba / by Katie Brown

Kuba Kuba Dos

Yall, Kuba Kuba has been around forrrrrever in The Fan area of downtown. A couple years ago, they expanded to more of the Near West End area (KubaKubaDos) : seems to be basically the same menu

They are known for their sandwiches and one in particular (obvi), The Cuban: roast pork, smithfield ham, swiss cheese, pickles & mustard for $7.95 and this comes with a side of fried plantains (which are actually pretty good, if you're not sure you're into that sort of thing)

This picture is from the other night at KubaKubaDos but either one is good. KK2 has more seating and is "newer" inside but if you're looking for a rustic RVA brunch after a night out, I would go to the Fan location and order their Huevos Rancheros (which, by the way won Best Breakfast in Virginia on Food Networks latest post of 50 States, 50 Breakfasts)

Side note: I got the Avocado Salad as a STARTER. The salad was bigger than my head aka it is def not for the light eater. Looking back, next time, I will get one or the other. BUT, the avo salad was SO good.