Charm School Social Club / by Katie Brown


Charm School Social Club

This modern take on an ice cream shop mixed with library wall paper and old school vintage desk decor is definitely one of the best if you're looking to get ice cream, especially. They have homemade super appealing waffle cones and a mint green bowl that make that instagram just that much better :)

They have about 16 different ice cream flavor; your typical flavors but some have a fun little thing here and there added to it for a different take. I got the Mint Chocolate Chip but theirs is called Mint Chocolate Crunch and the chocolate thy put in there had a little fun crunch to it and TBH, it makes me never want to go back to regular mint choc chip.

A signature item they offer is a "marshmallow fluff" topping. Homemade marshmallow whip that they torch there right in front of you. But overall, they have great toppings such as, Virginia peanuts, sprinkles, almonds, cookie crumbs, etc.

Something awesome about Charm School is that they are super versatile; they have lots of vegan and non dairy options to offer a wide variety of customer! They also have sundaes, milkshakes, floats, coffee, baked goods & can preorder cakes and get ice cream by the pint.