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Rae Dunn Coffee Mug — found these at Marshalls recently but they only had a few to choose from and loved the way they looked so I found this great cheaper website to purchase them! There are so many different coffee mug sayings plus if you google Rae Dunn, there are other kitchen items she has too!

Edemama Pasta (Explore Cuisine) — the texture of this pasta is pretty on point and has a great flavor!

Wok — I think everyone should own a wok. I cook my meals it in 90% of the time. Chicken and Veggies galore!

Chappy Wrap Blanket — this blanket is so comfy and looks so cute with all their different patterns! I got one that is where my river house is located which is super cool. They have a lot of different types of designs and subjects!

Plantain Chips (Trader Joes) — these are made with only plantains, sunflower oil and salt are SUCH a good handful snack to have during the day

Probiotic Cream Cheese (Nancys) — the ingredients on this cream cheese is amazing and it has the best flavor. I HIGHLY recommend.

Fruit & Honey Sweetened Jelly (Smuckers) — obsessed that I finally found a jelly that doesn’t have bunch of unnecessary added sugars. This one is sweetened with honey only!

Brownie Thins (Lillabees) — found these recently online and they are one of my fave sweet treats right now.

Speckled Ceramic Hanging Planter (Urban Outfitters) — I got this for the corner of my room and put a cute green pothos in there. The string is shorter than I thought it would be but actually looks so cute

White Denim Jacket (BlankNYC Lightbox Jacket) — Such a good staple. I was nervous to get this thinking I wouldn’t wear it much but I have already worn it multiple times and its only March!

High Rise Cropped Skinny Black Jeans (Just Black Denim) — these are the best fitting skinny denim I have ever owned. I love the brand, they are currently my go-to

Nano Puff Patagonia Jacket — this is going on there again, its that great… I don’t know how ive survived without this jacket up until now