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Superfine Liner For Brows (Clinique) — I recently was recommended this superfine eyebrow pencil. I have used the bobby brown eye brow pencil for yearrrsss but when I went to get another they thankfully were out of stock and I went with this one from Clinique and it works SO much better and stays on SO much longer.

Dermologica Skinperfect Primer SPF30 — Perfect to protect your face for everyday use. I will put this on right after my moisturizer in the morning. I use this pre make up or even on days I dont wear make up at all!

Target Wild Fable Sneaks — Found these at Target. They are suppppper cheap and def dont last a super long time but are so comfy and cute for a quick throw on with jean shorts or romper for the beach, etc.

Safe & Fair Snacks— I love the Birthday Cake Granola. Use the code katie10 for discount at checkout!

High Noon Sun Sips (another version of a seltzer) — They recently had these at the pool at the couple weeks ago. I think they are super new so they are not easiest to find, but I am loving them for the summer!!!

Venus Fleur Rose — they are known as Real Roses that Last a Year! One of my best friends ( TheHealthMason ) gave me this for my birthday and it is SO awesome. I am obsessed with little plants and flowers in my room and its so cute and smells without having to water it!

SKINN Cosmetics — I recently did a story series on my face routine. I have finally found a way to keep my face from constantly breaking out. I do tend to get organic non toxic facials about once every 2 months for a reset but these products really help me on a day to day basis. I use the Sulfite Free AM Cleanser, Olive Enzyme PM cleanser, Toner, Divine Elixir Luminous Skin Oil Manuka Honey + Vitamin C Serum, Hydro-Vital Cream Deep Hydrating Replenishing Moisturizer, DermAppeal Microdermabrasion Treatment With VC5 Crystal Technology (I use this twice a week for a face reset) & Collagenesis Deep Wrinkle Protocol Age Reset Serum… I use a few others. They are all LINKED in the SKINCARE Highlight on my IG Stories.

GT’s Watermelon Wonder Synergy Kombucha — Obsessing over this flavor RN. OMG.

Canvas Tote Bag (Lands End Natural Open Top Medium) — I was gifted this tote (just as a thank you) by one of the food companies I work with (this is not sponsored) and it quickly became MY fave summer travel companion. I has so many pockets and it has been the best for my side bag for weekend trips and going back and forth to the river. Looks like on their website right now there is a discount!