Air Fryer Shrimp and Spicy Slaw Tacos / by Katie Brown


For Shrimp:

  • 1/2 lb- 1 lb of Medium Sized uncooked shrimp
  • 1/2 cup- 1 cup Panko Breadcrumbs
  • 1-2 beaten eggs
  • salt and pepper
  • Air Fryer
  • Optional: Tortillas for tacos - I use Siete

For Sauce/Slaw:

  • 1 bag of Trader Joes raw cabbage slaw blend (or make your own blend of veggies)
  • If want extra things like sliced carrots or more cabbage, etc you can add whatever other veggies you want
    • Sauce:
      • 1 tbsp sour cream or plain greek yogurt 
      • Splash of Avocado oil (or olive oil)
      • Salt and Pepper to taste
      • 2 Garlic cloves - minced (1 tsp)
      • 1 tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar 
      • 1 tbsp fresh Lime juice
      • 1/4 cup Chipotle Mayo (I use the Primal Kitchen or Chosen Foods brands)


  • Mix all sauce ingredients up with cabbage blend and set in fridge for about an hour
  • Whisk egg, salt and pepper in a bowl
  • Add panko to separate bowl
  • Peel and devein shrimp
  • Dip shrimp into egg then into flour (lightly or skip all together) then into panko mixture (make sure shrimp is fully coated)
  • Toss shrimp into Air Fryer, spray with oil spray (lightly)
  • Cook on 375 for 15 minutes, flipped half way through (depending on how big your fryer is and how many shrimp you have. Try not to not overcrowd)
  • Set out shrimp to cool off, store in tight container in fridge for 3-4 days


Crispy Shrimp Tacos

w/ Spicy Slaw