My Experience with Everly Well : At Home Health Tests / by Katie Brown


A few weeks ago, I shared on my stories that I was doing an “At-Home Vitamin D & Inflammation Test”. As you have probably seen on your Instagram stories and feed, these Food Sensitivity tests are popping up everywhere. I have previously done a food sensitivity test in the past, which was great and I learned a lot! Then, I recently saw that Everly Well has a few other test options! I have always felt that I’m someone who has excess inflammation and tends to come from things I eat/drink, etc. So, a few weeks ago I decided to take the leap and do the test.

I am definitely one of those people that thing, if I am doing a test that involves a lab and/or blood, I need to be at the doctors office. I’m here to tell you, i’m that person that faints when they get their blood drawn. So, when I found out I could do this type of things in the comfort of my home with no pain or needles, sign me up. Of course, I was a little weirded out at first but whats interesting and great to know is that all of the tests are reviewed by a physician before sending any information back to you. They partner with labs around the country that are all CLIA certified. They even have an in house doctor that you can contact to help understand the results and help you figure out if and how to make any lifestyle changes. 

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Now, to go into my own experience with this test! From the time I received the kit and got my results back, I probably spent about 10 minutes of my own time. That time included unpacking the box, 1 little prick, getting it onto the sample card, sealing up the package and dropping it in the mail. After that, had nothing else to do other than wait for a text and email confirming that they were received and then after that letting me know my results were in. The hardest part for me was actually pressing that little prick (I counted to 3 maybe 5 different times) and then once I did it, I realized I hardly felt it at all. 

This specific test measures your Vitamin-D level. Recently, it has been found in many cases that a V-D deficiency can be associated with inflammation. Which is why, they also test your h-CRP (c-reactive protein), which helps determine the inflammation build up in your system. The test will show if your hs-CRP levels are Acceptable or Elevated. You want this number to stay below a 3. Thankfully, mine came in at .5

As for the Vitamin D, it will result in your Vitamin D level being deficient, diffident or elevated. Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin, which means it is store In our fat. There can be many risk factors for a deficiency in this. You want your level to be between 32-100. If its below 32, you are known as being deficient in and if its above 100, your levels are a little too high, or elevated. Mine came back at 26.00.

Once I read through the tests, I needed to learn more about HOW to get more V-D and WHY it is so important. The result email gave me a few different resources to learn small ways for me to increase my levels. Now moving forward, I will be a lot more conscious about adding a few more things into my diet, adding a VD supplement to my daily routine and even try to get outside a little more! 

Overall, I highly recommend their tests. I have only done 2 but looking to do a few more in the future! If you're interested in checking out any of their tests, use the code REALFOOD for 15% off your entire purchase!