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Healthy Travel Essentials via 2017

Healthy Travel Essentials via 2017



The people that can just do something different every day, go on vacation with no problem, don’t really need to work out and can just roll with whatever food, drink or the day throws at them… I am mostly envious. Part of me is glad I HAVE to work out because it forces me to.

Over the last few years, I would try to not each much the week before a vacation. Then once I got on vacation, I would not give a shit what I put in my body. About a day or two in, I would feel terrible and then be super self-conscious the entire time and basically not even be able to have fun. Looking back that doesn’t sound like a vacation to me.

Now, I have realized that when going on vacation or traveling, that doesn’t mean fill your body with everything possible and not care but it also doesn’t mean to restrict yourself and not enjoy yourself. You have to find the balance. This is actually something I still struggle with. But, I have found a way to control it a little. I have figured out how to realistically bring part of my routine with me, as I travel WHILE still letting lose and enjoying myself because that’s part of what vacation is about.

I try to just BE MINDFUL of what I am eating. People around you probably are not so sometimes that makes me feel like I can just eat whatever I want, whenever I want and I cant. So honestly, the biggest part about vacation for me is just being mindful and intuitive and not going CRAZY. 

Below is the breakdown of things I will bring with my on a vacation (of course can't bring all of these things if going by plane):

There are a few things that I love to have with me all the time, my Healthy Human (both) 1 with water and one for coffee. To-Go Vital Proteins unflavored collagen peptides and ghee to put in my coffee. Since I am a create of habit, I literally have this coffee every.single.morning. So, I actually just bought a little travel blenderà brew some coffee, add some collagen and ghee and blend it up. If I end up doing a quick run or body work out in the morning, I will add my protein powder to that.


Digestive Enzymes. CRUCIAL for travel. Why? Because, you are not going to be eating like you normally do and you’re going to probably be eating more, too. DE’s will “facilitate the chemical breakdown of food into smaller absorbable components” and they “break down starches into sugar molecules and break down proteins into amino acids and break down fats into its component parts.”

            Basically, they are proteins that will split up your food molecules into smaller building blocks so make it easier for your body to absorb. juices in breaking down food and resetting your hormone rhythms. AKA, they will help minimize side effects of the unfamiliar food that you are ingesting.

Probiotics, which I take every day but still including them into my travel is a necessity. They help regulate your immune system, balance your blood sugar to help maintain weight and your mood. They produce more enzymes that help you digest your food more throughout.

Lemon: I have started to warm lemon chug water right when I wake up so, I make sure to bring them to keep that routine going. It helps kick start my metabolism, helps my digestion (see the theme here?), naturally flushes your system, boosts your immune system, helps clean your skin with the vitamin C and can actually help you maintain a healthy weight.

Hot Tea:  drinking a cup of hot tea is just a great way to decompress and end your day and its one of my favorite ways to relax at night. Tea is super hydrating to the body. #relax

Charcoal Face Mask: absorbs impurities to balance and purify, smooths and brightens as well as has sodium hyaluronate, which supports skins water retention (I NEED this). (I use Beauty Counter)

Hydrating Face Tonic: I use Mac Smacks Flower Power that is made with rose water. Seals hydration, sets make up and produced a radiant glow. It also has Neroli in it (an essential oil from blossom of the bitter orange tree). The combo of Rose and Neroli have a great uplifting effect for your skin. Helps skin appear toned, revitalized and softened. It removes impurities by helping to restore the skins PH

            *Can be used in many other ways: after shaving to prevent irritation, mist after make-up to help it stay in place and also can be used as a deodorant. AND its ALL natural.

Bulletproof Bars: Snack bars and nut butter for random moments of hanger instead of gorging myself with random chips and things that are around. That is extremely important for me because I am so used to just eating everything out in site. These bars contain the same amino acids found in bone broth to help your bones, joints and skin; collagen and has brain octane oil to keep you full and focused and also… tastes like a cookie. They have these bars have 12g of protein, 14 g of fat, 5g of fiber and 2 carbs. PERFECT snack.

Now, let’s discuss the whole alcohol on vacation. I love indulging and letting lose in terms of drinking just because I used to be a big drinker in college and after so, yes, I think it’s fun. But, I can’t drink like I used to aka I get hangovers, I swell up and feel soooo bloated. As I have grown up, I have tried to figure out what is best for me in terms of that. I have not determined an answer but what I have been doing it finding things that are fun to drink but also are made with real (as much as possible) ingredients. I found Lumi and use their juices for mixers and add ons for some champs and vodka.

    Lumi juices are never pasteurized or heat treated and are cold pressed to preserve the nutrients. Each juice as 2 pounds of veggies and fruits (aka your entire days’ worth of servings). Something different about Lumi is they have a HPP (high pressure process) applied after bottled which applies extreme pressure to inactivate harmful bacteria but still preserve the nutrients. Basically, it’s the natural way to preserve food. So let’s go and add some champs to that orange juice.

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