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Welcome! I am so glad you’re here.. because I am here to inspire you with easy recipes, personal thoughts about health & wellness, motivation and how I live a healthy lifestyle while still staying balanced.

I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach from Integrated Institute of Nutrition, Food Photographer and Health/Wellness blogger focusing on eating Real Food

10 Tips to Staying Grounded

10 Tips to Staying Grounded

  1. Hydration & Movement

    • You don’t have to go ALL out every single day. Just do some type of movement each day and that could be 20 minutes of stretching in your house to a 30 minute walk to a yoga class to a hard HIIT class. Whatever it is, find what gets your heart hut physically and emotionally and find a way of movement that YOU* ENJOY.

  2. Bulletproof Coffee (aka my morning routine)

  3. Managing a realistic amount of screen time

    • Taking time away from your phone daily

    • even unfollowing someone that doesn’t bring you feeling of peace/happiness/value

  4. Keeping your space organized (yes, Marie Kondo is a goddess)

  5. Daily and Weekly To Do Lists

    • I have a blank journal/book that I use just to keep me organized. I write the date of the week at the top and fill out a bullet point list of everything I need to do for the week from what pictures need to be taken by what date to pick up dry cleaning. I also do one for the NEXT day each night. This keeps me from feeling overwhelmed and it calms me to have it written down and in front of me at any point and time that I need to reference it.

  6. Nightly Tea

    • Peppermint Tea or a “Sleep Tea” with chamomile post dinner or dessert is a GO to for me. I find it helps me wind down and really start


It is easy to get down on whats going wrong. But most of the time the number of things going RIGHT is way higher than wrong. Remembering those and brig awareness to them is so important!

8. Making the Little Things Count

Sunsets, a cup of coffee, a phone call with your friend, your favorite blanket, a candle, spending time with your pet, the feeling after a workout…and SO many more. More coming on this soon!

9. Baths (any time of day!)

Taking a few minutes by yourself to just warm up and destress can do wonders

10. Candles/Essential Oil Diffuser

I have a couple diffusers from NOW (linked Here) and use their oils religiously (linked Here) - especially their Peaceful Sleep blend for at night!

Meal Prep 101 Video

Meal Prep 101 Video

Best of 2018

Best of 2018