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Natural Products Expo West 2019 Recap

Natural Products Expo West 2019 Recap

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw I was in California last week for a large food expo! It is the world's largest natural, organic and healthy products event in the country. 136 countries are represented and over 85 thousand people attend. There were 3,600 exhibitors (I don’t think I could ever make it to all of them, but believe me, I certainly try) and 600 of them were brand new companies (one of my favorite parts). The reason I go is not only to eat all the delish food, duh.. but for me, making personal connections with the brands behind the brands that I have been working with or hope to work with. It is amazing to get to meet the people behind the brands that help make us all a little happier and healthier (especially me!) Going year after year, you also get to see your favorite companies grow and see how successful they have become over time. I am not one for jumping on all the **trEenDY ideas but this show certainly gives you speculation about what the next year looks like for the health food industry. This year seemed to be all about KETO and CBD, with runners up being Oat Milk and Plant Based Foods). I did love seeing a lot of companies reducing the amount of sugar they are using…something I know I can get behind.

There were a few highlights…

I got to meet, chat with and get his book signed my Dr. Axe, who runs Ancient Nutrition. He is a physician, certified natural medicine doctor, clinical nutritionist. He is FILLED with a wealth of knowledge and I truly go to his website on basically any subject I have questions on. He talks about health/body/skin/anything conditions, fitness, food, supplements, natural remedies, food, recipes, aka anything you can think of, he has studied, written about it and has created it to help YOU. Not only is Ancient Nutrition my current obsession but he is also incredible.

I got to meet Mark Sisson (founder of the Primal Blueprint), Danielle Walker (the one behind the gluten and grain-free food blog Against All Grain and now cookbook author) and Melissa Hartwig (founder of Whole30all at the Primal Kitchen booth. They are all 3 amazing people in the health and wellness food community and now I have the pleasure of having signed copies of their books/cookbooks.

And last but not least… take pictures with a giant Simple Mills Sea Salt Cracker box. Life Made.

And there were some stand out favorite products…

  • Raaka Chocolate has a new bar, completely cane sugar free, their Yacon Chocolate Bar

  • Caulipower now has cauliflower tortillas!

  • Found a company called Beechers (they started off making handmade cheese) and now have a few packaged items. Both the Mac&Cheese and the Kale and Brown Rice Gratin was amazing

  • Artisana Hazelnut Cacao spread (no added sugar!)

  • Bonefide Keto Ghee Bone Broth (a few flavors)

  • Made in Nature Raisin and Cacao Snacks (again, no added sugar)

  • New Barn Dips - Organic Almond Based Dips

  • Green Girl Gelato and Ice Cream Sandwiches - everything is plant based

  • Pistachio Butter by NutRaw, a new company to me!

  • Pipcorn now has Cheese Balls

And a few honorable mentions…

  • Siete Foods came out with Grain Free Hard Taco Shells (and a bean dip)

  • Malk has lots of new Nut Milk Flavors (Strawberry, Oat and a Creamer).

  • Caulipower now has a “personal pizza” size.

  • Nestle Toll House now has a “Simply Delicious” chocolate chip cookie line aka make with REAL eggs, butter, etc.

  • Soozy’s launched donuts

  • Vita Coco Coconut Milk was a hit

  • Coffee Mate has a Natural/Plant Based Unsweetened Half&Half Coconut Creamer (big brands are really starting to try to play in the natural space)

  • Eating Evolved now has chocolate chips (85% cacao).. game changer

  • I found a White Truffle infused oil by La Tourangelle

  • There are some new flavors from Beanfields, one being Cheddar and Sour Cream (DREAM)

  • Found some “hot pockets” from Mikeys.. brought me back to my childhood

  • Oh, Kite Hill now has an EVERYTHING flavor of their cream-cheese and they are coming out with Dips soon!

  • Simple Mills launched a Brownie mix and it is GOOD!

  • Chosen Foods has rebranded and is now fully Avocado focused. They have a full line of Avocado Oil Sprays (flavored). Some being, Italian Herb, Chipotle, Chili-Lime Ginger, Garlic, etc.

  • Califia Farms has a new line of creamers and oat milk.

  • Love Grown cereal is always a staple of mine and they will soon have Cinnamon O’s to add to their cereal line up!

  • Perfect Bar has “perfect bites” in 2 flavors (Pb and pb choc chip) and they are…perfect.

  • Spindrift (my always love) new flavor is Lime!!!

  • Garden of Life is killing the game with their new gummy line- Elderberry and a Turmeric option, with no added sugars.

  • Ancient Nutrition, who is always a game changer in the powder space now has an Organic CBD Hemp powder.

  • Late July has great chips but who doesn’t love WHITE Cheddar Popcorn? It was so good!

  • I love Ripple Milk but I do not love bottled Protein Shakes, except however, Ripple made them AMAZING (vanilla is oh my gosh good).

  • Kween&Co (starter of the Granola Butter) now has a chocolate option!

  • Remember Crazy Richards..a peanut butter company, came out with Wholly Rollies (bags of protein balls)- the PB & Strawberry tasted just like a PB&J and filled me up!

  • I found a new company called Biena, they have lots of chickpea snacks (roasted chickpeas, etc) and they now have a Baked Chickpea Puff, was really good.

  • Another unforgettable company was Mother Raw, seems to be all condiments from Poppy Seed to Queso and Ranch & Ceasar dressing options. Everything is plant based and tastes great!

  • Wild Tonic is getting wild with 3 Hard Booch options. Wild Love was my personal fave with a casual 7.6% alcohol

  • Teton Waters Ranch has a new patty that is made up of 30% mushrooms and other 70% is grass fed beef. Not gonna lie, I dont even like mushrooms- it was great!

  • OH, Kodiak Cakes came out with TEDDY GRAHAMS. Chocolate and Vanilla. Dead.

  • Vital Proteins now has Collagen Water (many flavors) (and collagen shots!)

  • Got to try grain free Cauliflower Pasta from Taste Republic

  • Found a new brand called VeggieGo’s- veggie and fruit leather with no added sugar or juices!

  • Sir Kensington’s rebranded, lunched salad dressing and did some reformulating

Be able to even attend the show is something I am extremely grateful for. It is something I look forward to and hope I am able to continue these relationships down the road.

If you have questions about the event, no matter who you are or what you do, visit their website or comment below/DM me/email me!

Thanks for reading!


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