My Daily Routine


I've always been a pretty routine oriented person throughout my life because yes, I am 100% Type A. I like to be in control of whats going on with my life as much as possible, I'm the biggest planner I know and I also struggle when plans change. Sometimes i'm like yeah I'm a "go with the flow" type of person and love "on the whim" type activities. But, who am I kidding; thats not me. While I was on vacation, which I REALLY needed and loved every minute of, I realized just HOW much of a routine person I am. I struggled and welllll I think my body struggled more. I felt terrible by the 5th day with stomach aches and was just so lethargic. I went from doing basically the same thing everyday and my body knowing what was coming from workouts to food, meals, etc and me knowing how my body was going to feel to having to just chill, not work and kind of eat and drink whenever and whatever I wanted. My body didn't like that too much.

So, point being is, I wanted to give yall a little insight on what I do on a daily/weekly basis. 

Each day is a little different depending on if I work out in the AM or PM or randomly need to work out during the middle of the day. But, overall things are about the same. I work out in the morning half the week and at night the other half the week. I know a lot of people might disagree but I do not eat before I work out in the mornings, I never have. I immediately make about 10oz of Bulletproof Coffee after my workout - same thing in it everyday. 1 Bulletproof brewed K-Cup + 1 tsp ghee + 1 tsp brain octane oil + 1/2 t maca powder + 1 scoop collagen peptides and a few shakes of cinnamon - blended in the vitamix for about a minute. I pour this into my HealthyHuman and it stays warm for literally hours. This coffee gives me energy, keeps me full for a while and is a great start to me morning/day. (I do use my BP has a meal replacement because that works for me at this time in my life but it probably does work for everyone!)

I always meal prep for the week sometime over the weekend to make the coming week less hectic and make it easy/doable for me to be able to stick to eating well. [THIS IS KEY!] But, I try to switch up what I eat every week so I don't get bored but I always end up roasting some type of veggies, grilling or woking up some chicken breasts for tacos/salads, baking some type of coconut/chocolate/nut butter sweet and then make a fresh batch of cashew mylk (because dairy has been giving me stomach aches). This usually takes just a couple hours and I actually enjoy it. If you don't meal prep, try it one weekend and see how different your week is when it comes to meals during the work week.

I have always loved cooking and making meals but I also used to go out to eat almost every meal over the weekend and typically 1 time for dinner during the week because I LOVE eating out. But, when I realized I needed to be more in control of what I was putting in my body, I started cooking a TON more. With this, I started putting more effort into learning how to use different ingredients and different types of foods I'm not used to cooking with to make myself a little more versatile - makes it a little more fun and challenging. A lot of the wonderful instagramers I follow make awesome recipes that they have either adapted from others or created themselves and it gives me such inspiration to do that myself. But anyways, I am one of those people that is actually obsessed with chicken fingers & fries, burgers, mexican, chips, bagels, sandwiches, PASTA, etc. I got that fix whenever I went out to eat. Clearly, since I wasnt eating out as much I decided to just do it myself.

I make a ton of homemade chicken tenders (and try different coatings), cut potatoes/sweet potatoes/asian sweet pots into fries and roast them, eat grain free bagels and Kite Hill cream cheese and make lots of chicken tacos. I also eat some packaged foods with good and little ingredients - cereals and chips made from beans instead of corn and grains. Overall, I eat foods that make you full AND feel good. check out the blog for these types of recipes :)

I will have another blog article to go into more detail about the following but these are the things that I'm lovely lately and eat EVERY week --> corn or almond tortillas (Siete), kite hill cream cheese, my homemade chicken tenders, bulletproof coffee, bulletproof vanilla shortbread bars, Banza pasta, fruit, HealthWarrior protein bars, LoveGrown cereal and there is lots more but ill get into that at another time. I am not the biggest peanut butter and avocado lover as many people are. I doooo love me some PB and avo but it just don't eat it everyday.

My workout routine consists of Hot Barre, Hot Yoga & BBG. I typically do barre most days of the week, a BBG exercise 1-2 times a week and then a hot yoga class once a week. This keeps me busy, interested and keeps my body guessing so that Im not doing the same thing every day. I do need to add in some running and cardio every once and a while but, I'm working on that :) I go to a hot yoga/barre studio that I will also be writing about later on - on why I love it and why it works for me.

Sorry if this post was kind of all over the place but wanted to give you all an insight into my life :)

Let me know if you have any questions or want to know more on something specific!