Healthy Doesn't Mean Hard / by Katie Brown

                                 Hilary's 'Worlds Best Veggie Burger'

                                Hilary's 'Worlds Best Veggie Burger'

To be honest, I am alllll about fast and easy meals but when people look at my instagram pictures, they immediately think I spend HOURS on end in my kitchen. Most of the time, all I care about are if the meal is nutritious,. keep me FULL and took only minutes to throw together without all the guilt and super bloated feeling.


For most people fast and easy equals food from a drive through, eating a Lean Cuisine (and then being hungry 20 minutes later), heating up something else frozen or even getting delivery. But, that typically isn’t going to be the best option to sustain a good feeling mind/body and or look the way you may want. Every single one of my clients all say that when they are “trying to be healthy” they just end up “giving up” because of the amount of time they think it takes. But in reality, that doesn’t have to be the case; if you’re eating the right things, the right way…it can be just as quick and easy to eat the REAL food thats fuel you. Quick and easy doesn’t have to equal unhealthy. 

I feel as if there a notion that healthy automatically equals something that is expensive, takes a long time and doesn’t taste great. Over the last year I have defied this notion and made the concept of “healthy living” easy, doable AND sustainable. 

One of the things that showed me this was a possibility is Hilary’s. I tried their original veggie burger and immediately fell in love. As you may know, I am passionate about eating REAL food and thankfully their Moto is Eating Well Made Easy. They use REAL ingredients and its minimally processed with free from all the common allergens. Everything is Non-GMO and free from gluten, soy, dairy, eggs, nuts AND corn! 


If you’re looking for some protein to throw on your salad, maybe make a sandwich but dont have any meat or just not feeling meat but need some substance or even a burger replacement… any of Hilarys veggie burger flavors work! They are sold at all Whole Foods, Sprouts, health food stores, and most big box grocers. They even have Veggie Sausages now, which are a great breakfast option, too!!