21 Day 'Real Food' Reset / by Katie Brown

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Holidays are exciting because it brings us back to being a kid and it allows us to let loose and be present with our friends and family. That typically includes lots of eating fun foods and drinking lots of alcohol to celebrate! but yes, lots of sweets and getting a little off our usual routine. I am not about “diets” or “new years resolutions” but I am all about FEELING good because that correlates to being happy. However, I totally am for a quick “reset” or detox after the holidays are over because who doesn’t want to start the new year off with a bang!

This 21-day REAL FOOD RESET challenge is Jan 8-Jan 28. This challenge will be whatever you make of it and can/will have multiple different outcomes including losing weight, feeling better and becoming more aware of your surroundings regarding food.

Questions to ask yourself? Do you know where/what makes you feel bad/sluggish? Do you feel you are an intuitive eater? Do you know how to “listen to your body”? These are the types of questions I hope you can answer YES to by the end of the reset. You already might know the answers to these questions but do you need motivation to actually do it? Either way, this challenge is for YOU!

This reset will…

  • Help you create healthy habits
  • Allow you to become more aware of what foods serve YOUR body
  • Teach you how to incorporate more real foods in your everyday diet/lifestyle
  • Help you become aware of how certain foods/ingredients effect your mood/body

You will…

  • Become empowered by accomplishing something for yourself, daily
  • FEEL amazing
  • Learn how easy/fun it can really be to incorporate more real foods

So, WHAT is this reset? … Each day you will have a “challenge”; some being action based such as, not eating any “added” sugar 1 day; some will be more of a watch & learn/reflect.Want to join? CLICK BUY NOW below!

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January 8-January 28

           New Year; New You

     Feel Better to Look Better

You will earn and lose points throughout the process to keep you motived, accountable and on track (more info on that to come). The 2 people at the end with the most points will win a free hour long Health Coaching session with me.

Throughout this process remember to HAVE FUN, do whats right for YOU and know you are supported by me and all the other members who are taking this step for themselves to live a healthier life. We are in this together. There are resets all over the internet but why chose this one? You will have daily support in the facebook group, you will actually find it fun and easy, I will teach you self-care tips and you will get tips/tricks in alllll my magic!