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Branch Basics (Non Toxic Cleaning Supplies) — I got this sent to me to try but I truly LOVE it. If you have been following me for a while, you know I dabble a bit in non-toxic options but its not my main priority because I have never found ones that work that well. I really enjoy this!

Ancient Nutrition CBD & MCT Collagen — Ancient Nutrition is my JAM in so many ways. I love all of their products and the founder, Dr Axe is THE BEST and so knowledgable. They came out with a new collagen peptides powder that has CBD AND MCT in it. Also, its Chai flavored sooo… HELLO fall coffee.

Verity by Colleen Hoover — This book was recommended to me by one of my best friends and I am typically a slow reader (takes me a while to get through a book) but I read this in 1 day. I could not put it down. Its a little weird lol but SO good.

AirPods — REAL original, I know. But, I invested in these last week and LOVE them. Especially, if you have the newer iPhone with the annoying new headphone jack. I ended up getting the version1 because they are about $50 cheaper.

Nancy’s Organic Probiotic Cream Cheese — I have been eating this on and off for MONTHS and I always put it on my stories so I thought I would add this. It is my absolute GO TO cream cheese. Don’t be scared of cream cheese, this is made with just cream, sea salt and probiotics and is SO good on bread, sandwiches, with crackers, etc.

Truly Grass-Fed Butter — I love their cheese but they recently came out with butter and I love it. I usually buy Kerrygold butter but this would be my go-to when I can find it.

Dogfish Head Sea Quench Sour — You probably see DJ and I drinking these in my stories a lot. It is a super refreshing and great tasting beer (especially for summer)

Athleta Sports Bra Crop Shirt (Conscious Crop in Powervita) : I typically like work out in only sports bras so I try to find ones that are longer. This is cute, flattering and even has a little “bra” in it. You can use it as a sports bra or a shirt. It’s comfortable too!

4-Wick Candle - Threshold (Target): I bought the Citrus Peony scent and loving the look, smell and vibe!

Women’s Crewneck Boxy Sweatshirt- Wild Fable via Target — Comfortable and perfect to just throw on at home or to run an errand as its getting cooler out!