‘Real Food’ November MEAL PREP Challenge

Ever feel like you never know what to buy at the store for the week or you spend too much time making intricate meals or all your food goes to waste? Well… I’M HERE TO HELP! Learn more below: 

Overall, I am just super excited you are interested in learning more regarding meal prep. I would love to be able to share with you how simple it can be for prepping for 1 person (or more!!) I know some feel overwhelmed by shopping for the meal prep, thinking meal prepping will be so hard and time consuming. Some people are not a good cook and think its too hard. Some people have tried to meal prep before and it was too elaborate cooking (massaging kale, etc LOL) and ended up not eating it. & some are clueless about how to utilize these prepped meals in fun way so got sick of eating them or clueless totally wasted food. I am not sure where you stand in that but even if you feel just 1 or even all of them, I am here to help. I am going to teach HOW to shop for 1, best way to cook for 1 and even how to utilize the food to MAKE sure you actually eat and are EXCITED for the food you cooked!

I will give you tips on a grocery list, prepping, storing and assembling the food to EAT for your meals throughout the week. KEEP IT SIMPLE is my motto.

You will no longer feel stressed on Sundays thinking about you meals for the week, especially how to pack lunch for work.

So, sign up above with the link ($29.99 total) and you will be added to my Facebook group with the others where I will be in communication with everyone with videos, info, walk throughs, grocery lists, etc. 

Cant wait to spread the #mealprep LOVE!

As always, I’m here to help so email me at realfoodwithgratitude@gmail.com with any questions, etc. 







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